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Summary of  the IV-th International Lean Summit-2016


April 7 and 8th 2016 Imeritinsky Hotel hosted 4th International Lean Summit. This year’s topic was  Intelligence  Production Systems: New Era of Lean.

The event brought together nearly 300 top managers from 26 regions of Russia and 8 different countries that represented 16 different industries.

Summit participants discussed the following topics: which management systems are most efficient in constantly changing reality; how do production systems transform under the influence of industry 4.0; quality management and logistics; relationships between universities and  manufactures ; the role of non-profit sector in formation of lean thinking; etc.

The reality around us is changing so rapidly that logic alone doesn’t suffice anymore. Those who don’t catch up will be left behind.

77% of top managers present believe that technological progress is their main challenge for the next 5 years.

This is why spreading knowledge and experience of lean technologies  and TPS that allow for production growth, cost reduction and quality improvement become a catalyst for invigoration of any company, organization or even governmental institutions.

Apart from Russian speakers the summit welcomed speeches from participants from Japan, USA, France, Sweden, Germany, UK, Israel and Spain.

Speakers included Johannes Hagemann, MBTech; Martin Lukstrom, Scania; Keizi Harada, Japan; Keiske Ozava, Japan; Zal Pezman, France; Peter Villats, UK, Paul Bourne, UK, Edgar Cardenas, Spain.

On behalf of the organizers I’d like to thank all of our partners, speakers and moderators for their excellent work.

We’ll keep improving our Summit every year and create added value.

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for the defense industry enterprises and state-owned corporations






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